Steve Mascord – born Andrew John Langley – was obsessed with rugby league and rock’n’roll. Long after almost everyone he knew, he clung to these things like twin teddybears, turning at least one of them into a career and making a bit of money out of the other.

But he spent all this money on …. rugby league and rock’n’roll. At the age of 47 he owned precisely nothing aside from hundreds of records and CDs and almost every edition of Rugby League Week ever printed. He was unmarried, had no car or property and was the proud owner of $50,000 of credit card debt.

Touchstones coverThen one day he discovered the truth about himself.

He always knew he was adopted but it turned out he was part of a bohemian family, his mother forced to give him up after suffering a mental breakdown. She searched for him until her dying day. Steve met uncles and cousins and aunties he never knew existed and for the first time in his life he felt whole. And he looked around that storage room full of CDs and football magazines and felt sad; a sense of loss.

He appeared in newspapers and on radio and television and people thought he was successful but had he really created a life for himself? Or was he living in a childhood fantasy, compensating for what had been missing, ready to fall down on top of him as traditional media imploded?

Steve thought ‘enough of being Steve Mascord, who is not a real person. Time to finally be Andrew John Langley’.

Having figuratively thrown all his toys out of the cot, he decided to conduct an audit. Which ones to pick up off the floor and keep in his new life, and which to leave laying there forever.

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WHITE LINE FEVER Playlist: Episode 106

Bob Spencer- “What Do You Think About That?” buy

Living Colour – “Come On” buy

Skid Row – “Makin’ A Mess” buy

Klassic ’78 – “Jendell” buy

Thin Lizzy – “Whiskey In The Jar” buy

WHITE LINE FEVER Playlist: Episode 105

ABBA – “If It Wasn’t For The Nights” buy

Ian Moss – “A Girl Like You” buy

The Lazys – “Nothin’ But Trouble” buy

Skid Row – “We Are The Damned” buy

Rose Tattoo – “Rock’n’Roll Outlaw” buy

WHITE LINE FEVER Playlist: Episode 103

WHITE LINE FEVER Playlist: Episode 103

Gun – “Here’s Where I Am” buy 

Black Stone Cherry – “Dancing In The Rain” buy

Black Aces – “Down” buy 

Ian Moss – “If Another Day (Love Rewards It’s Own) buy

Barenaked Ladies – “Bringing It Home” buy

Bulletboys – “D-Evil” buy

The Dead Daisies – “Resurrected” buy

Europe – “Days Of Rock’n’Roll” buy

N*E*R*D – “Lemon” buy

LA Guns – “Speed” buy

WHITE LINE FEVER Playlist: Episode 102

WHITE LINE FEVER Playlist: Episode 102

Junkyard – “Hell And High Water” buy

Black Stone Cherry – “The Rambler” buy

Little Caesar – “Vegas” buy

AC/DC – “Thunderstruck” buy

LA Guns – “The Devil Made Me Do It” buy

Billy Idol – “World’s Forgotten Boy” buy

Europe – “Walk The Earth” buy

Dead Daisies – “Can’t Take It With You” buy

Vandenberg’s MoonKings – “Walk Away” buy

Bulletboys – “HiFi Drive By” buy

Black Aces – “Anywhere But Here” buy

WHITE LINE FEVER Playlist: Episode 101

Black Country Communion – “Love Remains”  buy

Black Aces – ‘Where You Love From” buy

Schenker Fest – “Take Me To The Church” buy

Bulletboys – “Apocalypto” buy

Nirvana – “Come As You Are” buy

Vandenberg’s MoonKings – “The Fire” buy

The Dead Daisies – “Burn It Down” buy

Anvil – “Metal On Metal buy

Peter Frampton – “Show Me The Way (live)” buy

Little Caesar – “Morning”  buy

Black Stone Cherry – “Bad Habit” buy