LOUDMOUTH: October 4, 1989


• WINGER is the latest US group to stand in line for an Oz Tour!
Frontman Kip Winger, in Sydney on a promotional visit last week, told Loudmouth at WEA’s Crows Nest headquarters he wanted to tour next year “even if we have to play on the streets

“Hopefully we’ll sell enough copies of our next album to make it worthwhile, not mainLy for us but for the people,’ said Kip.
Kip is apparently very keen to become globally-huge, and told us he was a tad annoyed that the band’s Beau Hill-produced debut had so far only taken off in the US and Japan. “Most of my favourite music came from outside the United States and I want to get into the heads of people where it came from,” he said.
“(I like) for starters, the Beatles from England. the Scorpions from Germany and INXS are one of my favourite bands of all time.
A lot of the classical music I listen to is from around the world. You’ve got to go to those paces to get an understanding of what the society is like and was like.
“Basically, education is freedom so you have to go to those places to get a more universal view of what’s up in the world.
Music is the only remaining universal language, so I feel like I have to become a world representative of this language instead just someone who wants to be a rock star in the United States.” Um, what about making money, Kip? Pretty heady stuff from a stubble-chinned American heartthrob.
After a short time in New Zealand, Kip returns to LA to start work on a currently un-named follow-up album, again with Hill producing,
“I don’t live anywhere,” said Winger. “As soon as this band hit the road I put all my possessions into storage.’
“I suppose I’ll have to look for a temporary place while we’re in LA doing the album.” Kip has some interesting things to say about groupies and “clone bands” in our upcoming  feature.
• FOLLOWING the success of Kip’s visit, Loudmouth last week ordered Extreme lead warbler Gary Cherone to do the same after the Boston band’s impending Japanese visit. “OK, OK I’ll tell my manager some guy from Australia has been hassling me to go down there’ a ruffled Cherone told Loudmouth from his Boston residence,
It transpires, actually, that it isn’t his home — 27 year old Cherone still lives at home with his monther“And I still don’t make my bed or wash the dishes” he says.
Cherone also unravelled some interesting facts behind their first single “Kid Ego” which slammed rock stars with inflated heads.
“I could cop out and say its basically about no-one but its about all of us,” said Gary. “A lot of people thought it was about David Lee Roth at the time. It was inspired by when David Lee Roth quit Van Halen and went on his solo thing and it was more the image he portrayed in his videos, not him as a person.
“The character that he brought to life on the screen was this big kid ego, pompous fool. He brought it to the limit. That inspired it, but the song itself — when I wrote it it got a little mean. So it’s not about David Lee Roth any more, its about all our egos. We all have egos we have to keep maintained’
More Extremeness in weeks to come.

• Video
Def Leppard

In The Round. In Your Face (Polygram)
Question. How do you capture a 360 degree show on video? Def Leppard’s Hysteria tour of the US was played on a round stage. in the centre of arenas. They used to walk through the crowd in disguise to get to it.
This video, edited together from four shows last year in Denver and Atlanta is ostensibly  a 90 minute video clip. Sprawling camera angles, cutaways, closeups and slow motion segments are all here in abundance.
As a piece of cinematography, In The Round. In Your Face is like Leppard’s music — classy and technically incomparable.
But the fact the fivesome are constantly running around to keep fans on all sides happy means there is rarely more than one of them on screen at once. Sort of like the effect of Jon Bon Jovi singing from the mixing desk with the rest of the band back on stage, but for the whole show.
The lazers and the lights are probably not done justice because of the glaring TV lights. “Rock Of Ages”,  still the Lepps’ best song by a country mile, is disapppointly extended by some overindulgent solos, but on the debit side “Hysteria” sounds tremendous.
Otherwise, things go quite well until they all start taking their shirts off, at which stage all the time they’ve wasted on “clean living” becomes obvious.
All in all, a good watch, but it won’t save me the trouble of seeing the whole thing first hand next year. You can’t capture it on video, but this is a damn good attempt.
Spy v Spy
have a big couple nights coming up at Dee Why’s Venue on Friday and Saturday.
The Candy Harlots return to St James Tavern soon — watch this space for details.
De Mont appear live at 3pm today at the Virgin Megastore, Darling Harbour.
The Ramones’ second Enmore Theatre show on November 10 has been switched to the Hordern
Congrats are in order to Ian Moss, who this week was engaged to long-time girlfriend Megan Williams.

(minor alterations have been made to this column from the original)

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