LOUDMOUTH: October 11, 1989


• KISS, as we all know, aren’t coming to Australia.
If you’ll remember, we brought you the story the band had called off their appearance at the two-day festival outside Melbourne on October 21-22.
PolyGram New York’s Cynthia Lane meant well when she told us they “had promotional commitments”.
But Australian Rock Promotions spokesman John Potts kept insisting PolyGram was wrong and the booking agent Creative Artists had confirmed it was all still on.
In true Willessee fashion, Loudmouth then called Creative Artist KISS man Michael Peranian in Los Angeles to find out once and for all if Gene, Paul, Eric and Bruce were coming to World Rock ‘89.
“The promoters are wrong,” Mr Peranian told us.
“They talked the game well but when it came to coming up with the necessary funds they didn’t come through.”
There was a lack of funding at the correct time and KISS will not be participating.
“The promoters were advised in writing with an office notice of the band’s withdrawal last Wednesday (week), your time.”
Asked for his reaction to the continuing promotion of the concert using KISS’ name, Piranian replied: “I may have to put it in the hands of our attorney.”
The plot thickens: all Loudmouth’s calls to Australian Rock Promotions have been divered to a paging service and have not been returned by Mr Potts, who is supposedly the media spokesman for the whole shebang.
The tickets have been on sale for over a month at $69, and only Joe Cocker remains on the bill. The festival, which was original tipped to draw 150,000 people, has reportedly been switched to Calder raceway.
Things are looking so. . . er. . . confusing that a researcher from Derryn Hinch’s show called Loudmouth last week for more information. They’re going to try and find someone from A.R.P. who is still in the country.
Interestingly, the company’s executives left last Friday week for the US to “tie up negotiations with KISS”
This was despite PolyGram Australia issuing a press release several days earlier saying the band would not be coming.
It is not clear if the three A.R.P. directors have returned. Hmmm.

• The man is back in town! Alice Cooper is top ten news — number six with a very lethal bullet. Yep, years after his last hit here and 14 since his last visit, “Poison” is up from 10 to six.

The Desmond Child co-penned ditty has already gone to three and back in Britain, and will be at the head of our list within two weeks if it keeps steamin’ at the current rate.
Poison” is one of two Desmond Child songs in the Oz top ten, with Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” leaping from three to seven.
Loudmouth suggested to old A.C. some of his old time fans may feel a bit betrayed by his use of Child.
“No, I haven’t got any bad reaction yet at all.” said Alice.
“I think the good thing about Desmond is he’s kind of like Bob Ezrin was for me in the early seventies.
“Ezrin came in and really put us on a track. It really helped us as far as getting radio play. I think that’s important for Alice right now, to get radio play.
“A lot of people forget that when I was at my prime I was on the radio all the time. When I kind of went underground for a little while there, it was pretty much because I was writing songs that were lyrics to riffs.
“They weren’t very good songs. I think Desmond put me back on that track of writing good songs again.”
Cooper recorded a remake of “Under My Wheels” with Guns N’ Roses for the Decline of Western Civilisation: The Metal Years soundtrack, but legal restraints will stop either act using it on their own records.
“I think it’s just going to be on the soundtrack,” said Alice. “I’m on Epic records now, I’m with Columbia, and they’re with Geffen so I think there’s a legal thing where they won’t let us put it out. ”
The producer wanted us to do a song with Guns N’Roses to show how little the rock ‘n’ roll has really changed from 1970 to 1990.
“Since this revival of the seventies is happening right now, I look at bands like Guns N’ Roses and The Cult and things like that and I read interviews and these bands are heavily influenced by Alice and Aerosmith. We were kind of the definitive seventies sound, American sound at least at that time.
“We could have just as easily done “Welcome To The Jungle” and I would have felt just as comfortable doing that song.
I hear that song and I go ‘that sounds like something Alice would have done on the Killer album’.” Welcome back, Alice.
Loudmouth has spoken to at least one Alice fan who would prefer him not to have become involved with Desmond.
Gary Cherone, the Extreme frontman who sounds uncannily like BB Steal’s Craig Csongrady, is one member of a new band who freely admits to having a heavy Cooper influence.
“I Love Alice Cooper (but) I’m not crazy about his nw material,” Gary said.
“The thing I liked about Alice Cooper was that was a trendsetter, he wasn’t a trendy. He did things that people didn’t like, that some people didn’t like. The kids liked it and the parents hated it.

“But now he’s working with Desmond Child and the Bon Jovi crew and to me, Alice is not Alice anymore because Alice would never do that.
“I just don’t like his new material. I don’t care if Alice Cooper sells eight million records or not. I want to hear Alice Cooper singing and writing and I really liked his obscure stuff when he wasn’t doing good with his records.
“Then acain. he’s got to feed his kids. It’s a catch 22.”

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