LOUDMOUTH: October 25 1989

SKID ROW has been forced to cancel an Australian tour because of union red tape.
WEA spokesman Bo Martin told Loudmouth the flavour-of-the-month Skids were set to open for DOG McGHEE  stablemAte BON JOVI early next month in arena, and then embark on their own club tour.
But those plans were put paid to by A national rule which says international acts must be supported by Australian talent.
ROXUS are already locked in for the BON JOVI trek.
“It meant we would have to hire another Australian act and another Australian crew,” said Martin.
“The cost just became prohibitive,” SKID ROW played under Bon Jovi on both the latter’s US tour and also the recent Russian festival.
“They were going to play only a couple of cities with Bon Jovi here, skip across to New Zealand and then come back for their own tour,” said Martin. “Unfortunately, it’s all off.”

•Another big tour from a WEA act set to be announced soon. 

•THE CHOIRBOYS, who have a new single on the way, will be back on the road during the third week of November.
•Angelia is RICHARD MARX’ new single, b/w Real World live at The Palace.
•Winners so far of the breath-taking Nightrain GUNS N’ ROSES single: John Duffy of Elanora Heights.

Steve Vai

•KISS’ great newy Hot In The Shade features a song called Cadillac Dreams, in which GENE SIMMONS sings “money, money, that’s what I want.”

In keeping with this fetish, the insignia for Simmons Records is the famous moneybags sign from Monopoly.
The story goes that a year ago, when he was looking for a logo, he found out the Chance card sign wasn’t copyrighted. Simmons, therefore, copyrighted it himself.
As a result, Parker Brothers now have to give him royalties everytime a monopoly game is sold!!!!
Rumour has it STEVE VAI is on one million dollars to do one album on one tour with WHITESNAKE. 

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