LOUDMOUTH: November 8, 1989


FURTHER light has been shed on SKID ROW’s non-appearance in Australia this month, with JON BON JOVI claiming he was told by Frontier Touring Company supremo MICHAEL GUDINSKI the Skids “didn’t mean enough” here.
Lost week Loudmouth reported the Skids had pulled out of a planned support slot with Bon Jovi because of union regulations regarding Australians opening for overseas acts.

Jon Bon Jovi said while that regulation had put paid to plans of a support slot, Gudinski advised the Skids against a solo tour.
SNAKE SABO and the boys had planned a club tour after doing selected dates with the BJs
“Initially it was the union thing, and Michael Gudinski the promoter said they didn’t mean enough down there yet,” said Bon Jovi.
“He said they didn’t mean enough in Australia to come down there and play by themselves.
“We wanted to even bring them down to New Zealand but because they’re on the road in Europe right now to scheduling isn’t going to work but they’Il be there in the future, count on it.”
Jon and BJs guitarist RITCHIE SAMBORA own the Skids’ production company, the Underground.
“We really wanted to bring the Skids, they’re our best friends, y’know?
“I would Iove nothing more than for them to do every show for me around the world. They did 150 American shows with me.”
Jon’s reaction to the news Melbourne’s ROXUS would open for them instead?
“Rox what?”


LA GUNS have also hod to call off a planned Australian tour supporting THE ANGELS in December.
Guns’ resident Aussie citizen, MICK CRIPPS, told Loudmouth  from Idaho the tour had to be aborted at the last minute and the bonkrockers may be in Oz during March.

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New Denmark sensations DISNEYLAND AFTER DARK will tour Australia in March, their drummer PETER JENSON told Loudmouth from Copenhagen. 

DAD are the subject of a huge push here from Liberation at the moment are are set to open in the US with BADLANDS shortly.
“We hope to get down there early next year, I would say March,” said Jenson. “We have a couple of weeks off in Denmark, where it’s raining, then three weeks of press in Europe and then five weeks doing, like, 2000 seaters in America with Badlands.”
DAD’s single “Sleeping My Day Away”, complete with infectious riff and glorious hook, has already managed to glean some FM airplay here and their connection with Michael Gudinski’s Mushroom will no doubt help tour chances.
Jenson made no secret of why he was looking forward to America.
“We’ve been promised lots of girls, so I hope we get them,” he said.
“The first time I went to America it was like falling into a movie set. It was like “wow, I’m here.
“But it wasn’t that exotic.”
DAD were courted by almost every major in the world before eventually signing with Warner Brothers for a fee believed to be over USS1 million. “During the last Danish tour, all the majors were coming to see us,” said Jenson.
“Chrysalis flew over from England in a private jet and came to see us in this small town. There was ten people there.
“We were shaking hands with all these heavies after every concert.”
Jenson is just 23 and his band mates are all in their early 20s. But he denies their “overnight” (they had two albums released locally in Denmark until now) success could be their undoing.
This band’s been together for five years and we know we’re going to have to work to keep what we’ve got,” he said.
“We’re hardly likely to drink it all away.”

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