LOUDMOUTH: November 22, 1989


• Lock up your BON JOVI t-shirts, MOTLEY CRUE are touring in April! 
That’s right, doctors and nurses, the Crue will appear at your friendly neighbourhood Theatre of Pain, the EntCent, somewhere between April 16 and 20 according to information received by Loudmouth.
The chart success of Dr Feelgood, the title track of their latest album, has apparently convinced the sleazy ones to make their first antipodean trek and an East Coast jaunt is likely.
You’ll recall the controversial LA foursome whipped up some useful publicity when they sacked, and allegedly punched, manger DOC McGHEE  in Moscow because Bon Jovi had fireworks and they didn’t (nah nah nah)
JON BON JOVI told Loudmouth his version of the story a few weeks back.
“The fireworks display, I’ll tell you exactly where it came from and it’ll be played over when they show the TV show,” said Jon Bon.
“The Russian army, right after the show was done, was putting on a fireworks show. So, the Russian soldier hit one button on one twirly thing that went off, not even on a downbeat, in the middle of the song. We never even knew it happened, and the Motleys were out in the crowd and they saw it happen and they went nuts. They said “not only is the crowd going crazy here, not only are they closing the show, but they’ve got pyro. Doc lied to us”. We knew nothing about it, Doc knew nothinq about it. . .“
We’ll be checking that story out with the Crue within the next two weeks.
Meanwhile, the new totally drug-free, God fearing, no-added-sugar Motleys got a bit upset in England a couple of weeks back when they tried to stop anyone from Kerrang! going to their shows because an interview in said magazine allegedly made them look “stoopid”.
Then they botched things right up in Birmingham when a small coin was thrown at impish screamer VINCE NEIL as he was about to launch into “Smokin’ In The Boys Room”.
The silicon-cheeked one then proceded to get really, really hurt and upset, stormed off stage and wouldn’t return for what seemed like 10 minutes, much to the howls and blood- baying of the indignant punters.
And when they did return, skinny skin- banger TOMMY LEE really botched things up. To the utter disgust of all of Birmingham, Tommy introduced his drum solo thus:
• Also on the tour front, LOU GRAMM says he wants to do a solo tour of Australia next year. Gramm’s second one-out effort, Long Hard Look, was released last week along with single “Just Between You and Me” and with MICK JONES also busy promoting his album, Lou reckons he’s got a bit of time up his sleeve.
“I’ve done Australia twice with Foreigner and I’d love to do it myself and take my own band there,” Gramm told MTV last Friday.

• OK, Loudmouths, do you know that you can be responsible for breaking a hard rock or heavy metal single in Australia!
We’ve been listening to those Rock Poll/Top Eight At Eight FM shows every evening and reckon they’re the best thing since lace-up leather duds.
Clearly you do too, because songs from the Crue, the Jovis, DEF LEPPARD, DE MONT, and AEROSMITH have appeared on those public-request shows when the station in question has otherwise refused to play them.
Thirty-four votes is most often enough to put a song AT THE TOP of the rock pole! So imagine if we all got together and voted for one song for a week or so solid, on both stations. Prime time airplay means a hit, eventually, means a bigger record company push for our bands and.. . inevitably. . . A F’ ‘KIN’ TOUR!
Why, you alone could get 34 people to ring a radio station, right? You could do what Guns N’Roses’ or KISS’ record company can’t do for the band.
So let’s start. GUNS N’ROSES’ brilliant “Nightrain” single has suffered because there’s no video for it. What a “stoopid” reason.
Starting this Friday night, November 24, all Loudmouth readers should ring 2MMM Rock Pole and 2DAY Top Eight from 5pm and vote for “Nightrain” by Guns n’Roses.
The numbers are:
2MMM ROCK POLE: 365 3661
Do it whenever you can until next week’s issue, we’ll assess how we’re going, and we’ll decide which direction to take our “promotional strategy”.
If you’re keen, stick this section of Loudmouth up on a noticeboord somewhere where fellow boozers can see it.
To make it all nice and democratic, if you want to nominate our next fan-made national hit, drop us a line at LOUDMOUTH MAX TRAX, do OTS, GPO BOX 122 Sydney 2001.
We have to stick to current-release singles, though. No band is gonna appreciate or benefit from having its 1978 interim single or bootleg b-side on a Sydney radio station.
Some examples to mull over are: Hide Your Heart, KISS; Radar Love, WHITE LION; Running In The Shadows, THE BOMBERS; 18 and Life, SKID ROW, One, METALLICA, New Thing, ENUFF Z’NUFF; Empire, CHOIRBOYS; Half The Way Volley, SEA HAGS; Make If Easy, DAN REED NETWORK.
But your votes will mean nothing if we foil to get Nightrain happening. If we don’t do it one at a time, we can’t do it at all. Remember the numbers and remember it only takes about 30 votes to put a song at the top of the poll. OK?
Cop ya next week.
THIS WEEK WE RECOMMEND: Nightrain of course!


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