DE MONT – Body Language

‘Body Language’
(Giant 465270 import)
DE MONT have been around for a grand total of three years — two on New South Wales’ Central Coast and one in Sydney. What they try to do on this 10-track platter is admirable: what they succeed at doing is sporadic and often
The first single, ‘I Want Your Body’, is a case in point. Live, it’s a dynamo of sleek melody lines, commercially cranking guitars and pertectly meshed Leppardesque keyboards. On vinyl, it’s limp in the most impotent of senses. There’s a promising heavy breathing, neat riffing intro, but the keyboard is far too prevalent.

It’s almost as though they had to give the keyboard player something to do…
While the execution is below par, De Mont have a future because of a lead man Craig Morrison’s charisma and vocal versatility. And with ‘I Want Your Body’, ‘So Easy’, ‘Strange World’ and — marginally — ‘Sex Attention’, De Mont show some useful AOR songwriting promise for the future. The other songs are underdeveloped, but at least show a useful penchant for chantable pop rock.
The reason for such a production cop-out? Simple, they want to be Def Leppard, and unless you’ve got a few million pounds to spare it’s pretty hard to attain the a ‘Hysteria’ quality, even if you have the songs. Which De Mont don’t.

And the first few seconds of ‘Move On You’ are enough to confirm that the first wave of ‘Hysteria’ clones is here. It’s an absolute carbon copy of the ‘Rocket’/’Gods Of War’ intros with the SPFX and muffled voices.
But there are some nice ideas in here. What they need is a couple of years to tighten up and realise that wimping out does not at.ornatically equal American dollarAt least, for the sake of De Mont’s music, I hope it doesn’t. STEVE MASCORD

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