Crue: The Threat Goes On


HARD NUT Heavy Metallers Motley Crüe have added further fuel to the threat of fiery brawls between themselves, Guns N’ Roses, and Bon Jovi.
Bassist NikkI Sixx this week aimed a clear threat of physical retribution at Gunners singer WAxI Rose; Vince Neil has suggested Axl has been telling a “whole bunch of lies”; and drummer Tommy Lee has attacked Jon Bon Jovi for being “too f**kin’ cool” to talk to the Crüe anymore.
• NIKKI SIXX made his latest outburst after the Gunners singer last week told Kerrang! hewanted to “ass-whip” the Crüe’s Vince Neil in response to accusations made against the GN’R guitar player Izzy Stradlin’.
(Trouble began last year at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles where Nell punched Stradlin’ for allegedly molesting his wife.)
In last week’s Issue Rose claimed Stradlin’ did nothing of the sort and offered the challenge: “Vince, whichever way you want It, man: guns, knives or fists, whatever you want to do. I don’t care.”
Now Sixx, who said he was upset at these and other recent comments from Rose, has told me in Minneapolis:
“Izzy f**ked around with Vince’s wife so Vince punched him out.
“And If Axl doesn’t shut up, he’s going to start something too.”
• VINCE NEIL, meanwhile, has hit back at Rose, claiming he is making public statements just for the sake of it.
“I only speak out against people who f**k me over, whereas someone like Axl gets on the soapbox about everything and everybody in the world,” Neil told me.
“When I punched Izzy, Axl made a whole bunch of lies about it and made a big deal out of the whole story. Put out a press release that was a complete lie.
“Funny thing was, you never heard from Izzy. lzzy never put out a press release because he knew exactly what happened.

“Now Axl has said a bunch of stuff about Nikki. It’s a shame, Axl used to be a nice guy.”
Neil did not comment on Rose’s challenge, but said he Stradlin’ “deserved” to be punched.
• “When it happened I tried to make it clear that it was not a Motley vs. Guns N’ Roses thing, but between me and Izzy —  two men.”
The blonde frontman said he was still friends will all the members of Guns N’ Roses except Rose and Stradlin’.
• TOMMY LEE, meanwhile, remains unrepentant after Motley Crüe’s recent public slanging match with Jon Bon Jovi. Sixx and Neil have since cooled off following the two bands’ clash at the Moscow Music World Peace Festival last year and the resulting management split, but the drummer has asserted:
“No one In our camp has changed, and I’ve seen a lot of people change…
“I remember when Jon Bon Jovi was nothing, nobody knew who the f**k this kid was. He was begging our manager Doc McGhee (now Bon Jovi manager), ‘Please, please let me hang out with the Crue! Let me spend just a couple of days on the bus, I want to see what a real tour is like’.
“So Jonny comes out with us, we show him the ropes of the road, we put him on our bus, get him f**ked by this bunch of girls, get him drunk… show him what the arenas are like, we’re playing these big gigs. He was just like, ‘Wow… this is great’.
“Then the f**king guy has some success and all of a sudden he won’t talk to us. All of a sudden we’re dickheads. Well f**k that guy, man! We showed him what rock ‘n’ roll Is all about, we took him out and showed him the real shit. He’s just being too f**kin cool.”
• MICK MARS, enigmatic guitarist with the Crue, was unavailable for comment.

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