‘Goin’ To Pieces’
(Mushroom Advance Tape
TAKE THE strengths of Junkyard, Royal Court Of China, Rock City Angels and a smidgeon of the Georgia Satellites, subtract hyped-up, image-conscious US record company demands, and youhave Nick Barker, the latest no-nonsense snarler from Down Under. 

LA raw rock connoisseur and knob twiddler Jim Faraci has ripped off the Reptiles’ lightweight pop skin to expose a truly
prehistoric-sounding ripsnorter for this gleaming new Aussie outfit.
Hot on the heals of Johnny Diesel And The Injectors, the antipodean ass-kicking conveyor belt has run off yet another brilliantly unaffected and irresistible product. Melbournian Nick doesn’t just bark, he bites long and hard on this debut with country-influenced harmonica-laced honesty.

Try imagining Stevie Tyler blowin’ into the harmonica over the top of AC/DC axes with Dan Baird (but better) singin’, and you’ll have but a sketchy picture of the title song. And there’s heaps more….
Try ‘Hell Hole’ for grinding coolness, the laid-back ballad “All Or Nothing’ and the fierce ‘Resurrection Time’. First Aussie single ‘Another Me’, a disgraceful example of inner-city popdom when first released, has been done over well and good by Faraci, but despite the newly introduced reverb and step up in sonic acrobatics, it’s stil out of touch with a strikingly bar room-based slab of plastic.

The first fair dinkum  mean-soundin’ outfit from the colonies since Rose Tattoo? Betcha life they are!

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