SWEDISH GUITAR god Yngwie Malmsteen has threatened to walk out of his recording contract with PolyGram (the giant conglomerate that owns both the Polydor and Phonogram labels) if the company does not give his albums more promotion.
Speaking from Japan, Malmsteen told Mayhem that his management were already examining the possibility of escaping from the deal, but no firm decision had yet been made.
Referring to the fortunes of his recent Eclipse album, Malmsteen said: “Not much is happening. It’s really heartbreaking. The only way to sell a record is to promote it and distribute it properly.”
Malmsteen stressed that his quarrel was with PolyGram US, adding: “Worldwide, PolyGram Japan and PolyGram Europe are fine.
“The record company are very aware of this and they are saying, F**k, I’m sorry’ our record company is not very good’.
“Their staff are going or gone. The staff are getting out of the company, (others) are getting into the company.”
Asked if he would consider taking action to leave Phonogram, the former Grammy nominee replied: “Absolutely.
“(But) I would prefer to make this record work first of all.
“If I have to f**king go to hell and back, this album’s going to make It. I’m hellbent.
“There is definitely more backing for this album because the record company has paid for three videos, whereas (on) all
the other records, I only had one video.”
Malmsteen’s next two singles will be “Bedroom Eyes” and “Save Our Love”
Meanwhile, he has already written 10 new songs and will go into the studio with his current band of Goran Edman (vocals),
Mats Olvasson (keyboards), Svante Henryson (bass) and  Michael Von Knoring (drums) after Christmas. STEVE MASCORD

DANISH COW-PUNK rockers D*A*D have re-recorded four songs written before they signed to the Warner Bros, for release as an EP later this year.
‘I Won’t Cut My Hair’, ‘Isn’t That Wild?’, ‘Marlboro Man’ and ‘It’s After Dark’ were cut in Copenhagen at the end of last month before the band embarked on a number of Scandinavian festival dates. No release date or title for the EP has yet been decided upon.
For the tour, the band have done away with a drum riser and replaced it with… a giant sofa!
“Just like the one you used to sit on at your grandfather’s place,” vocalist Jasper Binzer told Mayhem.
In more less-than-believable shocks, DAD will be supported during one of the upcoming festivals by non-K! poseurs the Cure. STEVE MASCORD 

merchants the Bombers have lost their deal with A&M.
The band, which features ex-Status Quo bassist Alan Lancaster and former Angels rhythm guitarist John Brewster, are currently shopping around for another label to release their debut album, ‘Aim High’.
Lancaster explained to Mayhem that A&M were ‘too busy” to release the record in America, Canada and the UK but wouldretain distribution rights elsewhere.
The band, which also includes vocalist Tyrone Coates and guitarist Steve Crofts, wereplanning a promotional tour of the UK late this year and had won the support slot on Alice Cooper’s US tour beginning in February.
Both are now under threat.
“A&M haven’t been able to produce hit rock records yet, I’m afraid,” Lancaster said. “It was just the wrong label, there is no animosity.”
STEVE MASCORD The Bombers – “Running In The Shadows”

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