DISCORD 2011: Edition 51

By STEVE MASCORD I DON’T know what you think but the persistent chest beating about how our sport in the UK is “serious” about drugs is starting to look a bit pathetic. Read the full column at rleague.com !

DISCORD 2011: Edition 50

By STEVE MASCORD If Sonny Bill Williams returns to the National Rugby League, should he be welcomed with open arms? Read the full column at rleague.com !

Darren Lockyer: By The Book

By STEVE MASCORD THIS writer’s final image of Darren Lockyer won’t be the same as yours. It won’t be his 79thminute try in the Four Nations final, when his own kick ricocheted off the goalpost pads and back into his arms as if propelled by an ancient, invisible force. It certainly won’t be his hilarious […]

BONDI BEAT: January 2012

By STEVE MASCORD HERR ‘ead ‘itter has given Bondi Beat an assignment this month: how should international rugby league be organised? Easy for him to say! Things have never been so fluid in that particular part of our game, with the International Federation re-constituted over the past six months and registered as a company in […]

WHITE LINE FEVER Podcast: Episode 15

Nikki Sixx, Michael Monroe, Urge Overkill, Tyketto

DISCORD 2011: Edition 49

By STEVE MASCORD SO that’s it then: the National Rugby League clubs are now so powerful they have forced England to stay home next October. Read the full column at rleague.com


WHEN Tommy Lee told this writer that touring with joke-metal masters Steel Panther was “fucking weird”, he was derided on his own facebook page as being out of touch, humourless and even a bit scared. After all, the Panther do have a drummer called Stix Zadinia and Tommy Lee is known for … you get […]

MICHAEL MONROE: Finnish But Just Starting (2011)

By STEVE MASCORD THERE’s a neat news angle from this chat with Michael Monroe. But it’s only a fraction of the actual story. Read the full story at sludgefactory.com.au

DISCORD 2011: Edition 48

By STEVE MASCORD I DIDN’T know Arthur Beetson well and his career finished just as I started going to rugby league games. Read the full column at rleague.com