Samoa To Tour UK And Ireland


WORLD Club Challenge-winning St George Illawarra coach Steve Price is to lead Samoa on a ground-breaking tour of Britain before this year’s Four Nations.

Rugby League Week can reveal the newly-assembled Emerging England squad will take on a Samoan combination featuring the likes of Ali Lauitiiti, Con Mika and Ben Roberts between the Super League grand final on October 8 and the kick-off of the Four Nations three weeks later.

“I held some talks while I was over there in England and we’re looking at playing three games,” Price said. “There’s some exciting things happening for Samoa – we’re looking to have the game played in schools for the first time.”

The Samoans, last year captained by Tony Puletua, are also pencilled in to play Scotland and Ireland with Glasgow and Dublin the favoured venues. Price recently held talks regarding the tour while in the UK with the Dragons. Samoa was last in England for the 2007 World Cup qualifiers.

Meanwhile, the Rugby Football League are set to ease concerns over player burnout but unveiling a Four Nations schedule that avoids making 2011 the longest season for elite players in 10 years.

A November 26 Four Nations final would make the period from the NRL kick-off to the last major international the most arduous since 2001 – but it’s now likely the decider will be held on November 19.



  1. Great to finally see some action starting to happen in the PI nations. It’s great to see Samoa tour and hopefully the get some good crowds to the games.

    The biggest positive is RL starting up in Samoan Schools!

  2. Great idea. I assume Samoa are playing the England Knights? Also games against Ireland & Scotland will give them fantastic experience against what will be a strong looking Samoan team..Be good also know when the European Cup will be played, i assume it will be between Scotland, Ireland, France and maybe Italy/??

  3. will the tour by Samoa to UK include some lads from the Samoan domestic competion who would really gain some benefit representing their country in the Northern Hemisphere???

  4. Good to see these nations playing test matches on a regular basis! Hopefully tours such as this will enable more players commit to the national team and not just appear once every 4 years. Would be good to see some domestic players make the trip as well, who knows, they might pick up a contract with and English championship club!

  5. A waste of time unless there are 2 test matches against the french in albi and tolouse and a game against italy as well or else the tour will not make a profit and why not a game against England?A Samoan team full of Kiwi Rejects doesn’t capture the imagination either as far as I’m concerned and about time they pick from within.
    Either do it properly or not at all.

  6. The RFL,IRLF,Australian Rugby League and both the Auckland and NZRL Boards of Control aren’t interested in spreading rl into new horizons like America or even Russia where there is potential to expand contrary to popular belief.Rugby League is only a game just for administrators and employees many of whom can’t get proper jobs and until people see through all of this nothing will ever change.The game is in a real mess because rugby league is a professional sport run by amateurs[rather mugs]with their noses in the trough.That’s why people on the outside think rl is a joke

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