Mal: Reed Will Turn Down England


QUEENSLAND coach Mal Meninga expects Brisbane centre Jack Reed to turn down England if he is selected by them for this year’s Four Nations.

Reed was born in Airedale near Castleford and his agent, Jim Banaghan, has previously confirmed in Rugby League Week an approach from England coach Steve McNamara over his availability.

“I’ve had a chat to Jack and I’m pretty sure he wants to play for Queensland,” Meninga tells RLW. “I gave him some assurances.

“He’s going really well, he’d be an asset to the Queensland squad. He’s really put a stamp on the competition.”

Asked if he felt there was any chance of Reed saying yes to England, Meninga replied: “Well, I hope not. I’ve had a bit a yarn to Jack .. this was only around a month and a half ago.”

Raised in Ispwich and Bribie Island, Reed was again a star in Saturday night’s 21-20 win over the Warriors, scoring his ninth try of the season from a Peter Wallace bomb.

“They put them on the spot for me and I’ve finally caught one,” Reed said. “I think I’ve dropped about four this year.

“We’ve been trying to take every game as if it’s a finals match. We’re going in with that intensity … we like to know we can win that way.”

Reed says he’s slowly getting used to being recognised in the street. “I stand out like a bit of a sore thumb, a big red-headed fella,” the former labourer said

“It’s definitely a bit different. It’s not ‘go and get the mud for the render’, it’s ‘how you going, good game’. It’s great.”

He says strangers often confuse him with fellow red-head Wallace. “They pick one of us, eventually they’ll get it right,” he said.



    1. Can understand why he won’t play for England, but its a bit of a shame because I think this may be the year England really push for the title. Widdop, Lomax, Tomkins, Roby, great spine (and they may not even pick Lomax, but that shows depth finally!) and with Josh Charnley out wide they have speed to burn. Peacock, Ellis, Graham and Burgess add real grunt up front. Reed in the centres would have made for a STRONG team.

  1. Country brfore the state of origin …. no contest … all players should strive to play for their countries not be pressured to play for Qld or NSW ….

    SOO will kill international league …

  2. Its stupid that he cant pick both, its holding rugby league back Internationally you just have to look at the pacific island nations to see what great sides they have, but are being held back by state of origin, untill we change these rules we are always gunna have three good sides and everyone else.

  3. What about Minichello?Isn’t he playing for Italy in the World Cup Qualifiers later on in the year and didn’t he play Origin this year?A rule for one and a different rule for the other which is just typicial of a sport like Rugby League.What’s Scott Carter and the RLIF doing about it?Sweet FA.

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