SBW Went AWOL But Now He’s LMFAO

By STEVE MASCORD IN mid-2008, one tiresome, routine afternoon at the Daily Telegraph‘s offices in Surry Hills, Sydney, I received an anonymous phone call. “I have a story that might interest you,” the caller said enticingly. “It’s about Sonny Bill Williams.” Tell me more, I replied. “I want to get paid,” the caller responded. At […]

DISCORD 2012: Edition 49

By STEVE MASCORD THERE are signs from all sorts of places that rugby league is about to enter a period of intense self-examination and on-field change. By the time many of you will have read this, two Boxing Day games in England will have trialled three experimental alterations to the laws of the game. At […]

MOTLEY CRUE: Feeling Minnesota (1990)

By STEVE MASCORD THE mercury in Minneapolis is plunging mercilessly past zero as Middle America wallows in snow. Vince Neil, however, is waltzing down the hotel corridor towards his multi-room penthouse in a sleeveless v-neck shirt and blue boxer shorts. His dirty blonde hair spews out from under a neatly reversed baseball cap, just like […]


By STEVE MASCORD SO, where were you and what were you doing? These are questions normally associated with major world events like the shooting of JFK or September 11 and I am referring to another milestone we’ll never forget. The RFL trialling wacky rule changes on Boxing Day. Chances are, you were finalising your Christmas […]

WHITE LINE FEVER Podcast: Episode 40

Molly Hatchet, Bonafide & Electric Mary

BONDI BEAT: January 2013

By STEVE MASCORD ONE aspect of the ARL Commission’s moves to abolish the shoulder charge has been overlooked in all the din of resistance. I’ve already had my say on the issue. I thought Dr Jack Kazandjian was nuts when he ran onto the field in Jacksonville and stopped an international to argue with Phil […]

DISCORD 2012: Edition 48

By STEVE MASCORD GIVEN the space this column has devoted to State Of Origin eligibility over the past 12 months, it’s as plain as the nose on the face of someone with quite a big nose that we have to address the ARLC’s decision on the issue this week. The first aspect of the decision […]


StoneRider, Bonafide & Mike Tramp

DISCORD 2012: Edition 47

By STEVE MASCORD SO, the NRL’s new digital deal looks set to partially fund a salary cap of around $5.8 million – with each club’s marquee player allowance to be increased. Sometimes the Independent Commission gives the impression of being the proud curator of a domino show. You walk in and the room is dark, […]