Lowe Waits Til The End For Worst Sprays


HE’S played 11 years of first grade but for Jaiman Lowe, Craig Bellamy’s halftime spray last Friday was one of the two most vicious he has ever witnessed.

Lowe, 29, announced last week he is to retire from the NRL at the end of the season – although he will continue in Queensland bush footy.  He thought a tongue lashing from Bellamy last year would be tough to beat but with the Storm trailing Gold Coast 10-0 at AAMI Park, Bellamy challenged his PB.

“I asked a few of the boys who have been here a while – they reckon it is up there,” said Lowe.

“It would be in the top two I’ve seen. In any club? Yeah definitely. Craig puts his point across, don’t worry about that.

“Last year when we played the Cowboys … I had a particularly bad game and when he was blowing up about that performance, he had his eyes fixed on me. That’s probably why it sticks out as number one in my head.”

Explaining his retirement decision, Lowe said:  “I’ve known for a few weeks, probably a month or so. “I had a couple of injuries at the start of the year so I didn’t play much first grade. I had my head down, playing a lot of reserve grade and not being in the team.

“And when I got back in the team and was playing alright and Craig was happy, I still felt the same. That was a bit of a hint.

“I’m going to go back to Central Queensland … I’m going to go back and play local league up there.”

Lowe was grateful to the Northern Pride, South Sydney and the Storm for extending his career.


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