Should There Be A Time Limit On Players Getting The Ball Down?


CANBERRA halfback Sam Williams has rejected calls to place a time limit on tryscorers getting the ball down after he helped prevent a Sydney Roosters touchdown on Saturday.

Tricolours coach Brian Smith said after the 24-20 defeat at Canberra Stadium that the NRL rules committee needed to look at placing time limits on the period of time players have to touch down when they cross the line, after winger Roger Tuivasa-Sheck was denied a 56th-minute try even though the ball seemed to eventually make contact with the grass after several seconds of struggling.

“We’re prepared to review and look at what we need to be looking at because of the competitiveness of our players,” Smith said. “The competitiveness to get the ball on the ground is just unbelievable compared to a decade ago.

“That’s one thing we should have a crack at – is there a time limit on how long the wrestle or whatever (continues)?  Someone else put their hand in there, one of our players, and seemed to push the ball down. Does that constitute a try? Should it constitute a try? No-one ever talked about that in 1908.”
Captain Braith Anasta argued: “The one that sticks in my mind – I’m not sure if the rule has changed – but the one that Hazem (El Masri) scored in the grand final in 2004, it was a long longer (wrestling) than that … they need to identify how long it is.”

But Williams, who was involved in the tackle on Tuivasa-Sheck, contended: “I don’t know about having a time limit – it’s about judgement

“There referee has to make a decision on where momentum is coming from. We held him up there for a while. I’m not sure if he was held or he got it down.”


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