DISCORD 2012: Edition 33


WHILE the NRL are at it, changing the judicial system to further marginalise the shoulder charge, they should get rid of the ridiculous situation where players can serve suspensions in trial matches.

The fans who point out the incongruity of Ben Pomeroy missing two finals games while Reni Maitua misses two friendlies are 100 per cent correct.

You can’t legislate for the importance of a match by making finals or Origins worth twice as much as regular season club games – no-one has ever come up with a workable formula for that. Some finals are worth more than others, some Origins are deciders, others are dead-rubbers.

But it’s not too hard to say: “if nothing at all is at stake, then it doesn’t count’ when it comes to suspensions.

We used to have a situation where suspended players could take part in the pre-season and resume their suspension when the comp started. That was dumb too – what happens if you coat-hanger someone in a trial when you’re actually supposed to be suspended? Is it like crashing an uninsured car?

Put simply, Reni Maitua should not be allowed to play rugby league anywhere until round three next year. Full stop.


WITH all the fanfare surrounding Nathan Hindmarsh, Luke Burt, Dean Young and Ben Hornby on Sunday night, spare a thought for Luke Patten.

“The General” is supposed to be playing his final game in Salford’s home match against Wakefield at the City Of Salford Stadium on Friday.

But Sky want the game moved to Saturday because it clashes with a St Helens-Wigan derby. And Saracens are playing a rugby union match at the City Of Salford Stadium on Saturday.

So The General is making his last stand at a neutral ground, Leigh Sports Village. He’s not impressed, tweeting: “”Just when I thought I’d seen it all. Just gotta laugh.”


COLLEAGUE Adrian Proszenko wrote at the weekend that the ARL Commission is preparing to launch its own awards night, which would presumably mean the Dally Ms would go back to being a Daily Telegraph function.

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