Waterhouse ‘Freaked Out’ By Lewis’ Ordeal

Trent Waterhouse/wikipedia


CHALLENGE Cup final tryscorer Trent Waterhouse says he suffered a “freak out” in the build-up to the decider when he discovered good friend Luke Lewis had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Waterhouse is under pressure from team-mates to add a new tattoo to the one he received after Penrith’s 2003 grand final win after Warrington’s 35-18 triumph at Wembley on Saturday.

While it’s an argument he is up for, he says Lewis’ much more serious fight surprised him in the days leading up to the Wolves’ departure for London.

“I only found out the other day about the cancer stuff,” Waterhouse tells League Week. “Anything with cancer, you sort of freak out.

“I spoke to him the other day, he said it’s pretty sweet, he’s lucky they got it pretty early. He’s had a tough year, Lewy, and I hope he has a big one next year with the Sharks.”

Waterhouse described the Cup final as “something different to anything I’ve ever experienced before” and was proud to have parents Christine and Tom at the stadium.

A key moment in the game came when man of the match Brett Hodgson received a head knock in a hit by Leeds’ Kylie Leuluai. The ball was jolted loose and Leeds’ Brett Delaney claimed a try but there was neither a touchdown awarded nor a penalty for the hit.

Even though Leuluai’s arm hit the ball first, it’s a challenge that probably would have been penalised and reported in the NRL.

“They’ve been penalising them (here) lately,” said Waterhouse. “It’s obvious he got him in the head because he was out cold.

“I thought he (Leuluai) knocked on anyway. Even if it was a fair tackle, I don’t think it would have been a try.”

As for the tattoo, “I’ve only got a Panthers one. I think (Lee Briers) thinks I’m going to get another one. I’ll stick with the one. I’m not a big tattoo man. The boys will probably get some. A few of them over here love ‘em.”

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