FAR & WIDE: Number 14


GOLD Coast winger Kevin Gordon has spoken of his excitement about representing the Philippines in Bangkok on October 20 alongside his brother Dennis.

Gordon will be joined in the Philippine team by clubmate Matt Srama and South Sydney winger Andrew Everingham.

“I was approached about seven months ago – the start of the season,” said Gordon. “There was a bloke putting together the Philippines team.

“About five days before the game, there’s going to be a little camp and we’ll have a few training sessions together.

“After that, we’re going to try to promote the Philippines team. We’re going to play in Thailand and a couple of days later we’re going to go to the Philippines.

“We’ll do some clinics, go around to schools and teach the game.”

Gordon qualifies because his mother was born in the Philippines. “She’s part Filipino, part Chinese. I’m probably a quarter Filipino.

“I’ve always wanted to do it, ever since I started playing – I thought there could be a Philippines team. Finally, someone’s stepped up and a couple more players are coming in.”

Dennis is a second rower with Queanbeyan Blues.


CONGRATULATIONS to the lads from the Serbian Rugby League for their hosting of an Under 18s festival last week.

The tournament involved three teams, with English Midlands winning the title after beating Serbia 30-0 and Lebanon 46-4. The other game resulted in a 46-4 win to Serbia over Lebanon.


MANY happy returns also to the winners of the AMNRL, New York, who beat Connecticut 60-40 a fortnight back.

The beaten Wildcats actually led 24-22 at halftime.

Meawhile, officials say the cancellation of the US v Melbourne game will not affect the Tomahawks’ clash with Queensland Indigenous in Hawaii on October 27.


THE European Federation had a meeting in London ahead of the Challenge Cup final last week, with Poland represented for the first time by our friend, US-based Australian nuclear physicist Dan Andruczyk.

Trinidad & Tobago were recently accepted as observer members of the RLEF, which seems to be overseeing development on the Caribbean.



  1. do the Philippines and Thailand actually have any domestic rugby league or is this just some pie in the sky Greek-style idea? History must have taught us that grassroots development has to come from locals of the host country and cannot be imposed by heritage folk… Hope they’re not just wasting more time and money on this.

    • There is a lot of rugby union in both countries, I believe, but no league. Whether a single game can help spark interest at grassroots level … we shall see.

  2. Those boys will run riot on the Thai team. Thai’s should have tried to claim Shaun Johnson whose mum comes from just north of the border…

    Will you be coming over for the game Steve?

  3. Those boys will run riot on the Thai team – should have seen if they could sneak Shaun Johnson into the Thai side to even things up but I believe his mum is from north of the border.

    You coming over for the game Steve?

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