FAR & WIDE: Number 15


IF you’re looking for evidence of international development, no-one this year has done better than two teams who are not competing in the World Cup.

We’ve already raved about the work being done in Canada. But how about this for Lebanon: various age group teams have played in Morocco, Serbia, Canada and – perhaps next month – the Cook Islands. In the course of  12 months, the Cedars hope to have played games in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Americas.


An interesting story from the Czech Republic.

One of the star players at the Usti nad Labem Dragons club, Jan železný junior, is the son of three times Olympic gold medal winning Javelin thrower Jan železný. Zelezny is responsible for the five top javelin performances of all time.

Our game is trying hard to make the most of the publicity that we could get out of this link. The Czechs beat Hungry to lift the European Bowl this year.


Congratulations to the Jacksonville Axemen for their tight win over Boston 13s to take out the USARL grand final a week and a half back.

Although it was a tight game, the Axemen went through the season undefeated – the second time they’ve done this in three years! The game was played at the prestigious MIT in Boston – which is perhaps why the guns from Florida didn’t have things their own way.

The New York Knights won the rival AMNRL with a big win over Connecticut the previous week. Many people want to see a Super Bowl between the two – but the last we heard talks had broken down.


FAR & Wide is hearing the final of this year’s Tri-Nations tournament involving England, Wales and France will be played at the new City of Salford Stadium.

The tournament will kick off in France and move to the Racecourse Ground in Wrexham and Craven Park in Hull. Personally, we think playing the whole thing in France would have been worth considering.


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