Toovey Warns Of Boring Finals Series

MANLY coach Geoff Toovey says the rest of the finals series risks being boring unless referees change their approach.
Toovey blasted whistlers Ben Cummins and Ashley Klein for not keeping the teams apart during Friday night’s 16-10 defeat to Canterbury in the first qualifying final at ANZ Stadium on Friday night.
And he stepped up the offensive when speaking to Rugby League Week, saying: “I hope that the referees aren’t instructed to put the whistles in their pockets and I hope we see some free-flowing football.
“We want a game with some good space and some good metreage between the two teams.”
Toovey said that as a spectator, he did not want to see sides engage in trench warfare at this time of the year. “As a spectator, I don’t want to – but as an opposition coach, I hope they bash the tripe out of each other!” he said.
Toovey reckoned Friday’s was “a tough physical game with two teams feeling each other out.”
While some labelled him a sore loser, Toovey¬†stressed his team deserved to shoulder blame for the defeat. “We made a few too many mistakes, I believe,” he said.
“I think our completion rate was 53 per cent. You can’t win semi-final football if you keep dropping the ball and I think the only that kept us in the game was they mades as manhy mistakes as us.”

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