Cronk Tells Bellamy To ‘Snap Out Of It’

Cooper Cronk/wikipedia

By STEVE MASCORD COOPER Cronk’s decision to confront coach Craig Bellamy and tell him to “snap out” of wallowing in self-doubt was the turning point of Melbourne’s season and put them back on course for a redemptive premiership.
Bellamy commented after Sunday’s grand final triumph that Cronk “had a shot” at him as the Storm sunk to six losses in seven games late in the season – but gave away no details.

But a Storm insider tells Rugby League Week: “Craig thought he had lost his mojo. He thought he wasn’t reaching them any more.
“The reason he has been so successful at the club is that he leads the way and expects high standards of others. So when he stopped being like that, listening to the players too much, the players missed it. Cooper told him to snap out of it, to take charge again.”
Storm corporate ambassador Robbie Kearns last week suggested in RLW one of Cronk’s tactics was to say he was responsible for the defeats, not the coach. “He said ‘oh mate, the difference was for those six weeks after Origin, we were that mentally drained that the next four or five weeks, they weren’t willing to do the hard yards on the track’,” Kearns said.
“This is in August, they’d been doing it since January. He said he went off that a bit. He was just turning up going through the motions.”
The conversation between Bellamy and Cronk not only begot a premiership – it could have given us one of the game’s next great coaches with Cronk pulling exactly the right psychological rein at the right time.

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