DISCORD 2013: Edition Three


NORMALLY in Discord, we throw up some strident opinion or another and offer you the opportunity to agree or disagree.

But this week, I’m going to give you a topic rather than an opinion and simply open the floor to you.

Michael Jennings swapping clubs two months before the start of the season. Jamie Lyon – the captain of Manly – being approached to quit the club immediately.

Do you care?

I remember, in the primeval past, writing stories about clubs accusing others of “inducing players to breach their contracts”. But those stories don’t seem to be written anymore.

It seems to be the modus operandi of clubs that players will be unhappy at rival joints and even though they are under contract, we can actually have them now.

And their current club will pay them to play for us! I never quite got my head around that…..

Discord never cared if a star signed with a rival club for next season and was paraded at a mid-season media conference in that club’s colours. But you did – and the practice was unofficially outlawed.

But you don’t seem to care about a player starting pre-season training – or even a season – with one club and finishing it with another. You don’t seem to mind the fact a contract is worth nada these days.

Or maybe you do. Tell me at the bottom of this column.


BY now you’ve read a number of tributes to Jon Mannah. I probably had less to do with him than many other reporters.

But when I heard of his passing, I had to ask myself the questions: does death teach us more about the nature and value of life, or is it just something we say to make ourselves feel better?

Certainly, Jon’s friends and family are beyond such esoteric considerations right now – and understandably so.

But I think many people will look at Jon Mannah’s bravery and make better choices in their lives as a result. The realisation that it can all end at any time is something that dawns on most of us later in life and hopefully encourages us to make better use of the time we have.

At 23, Jon Mannah shouldn’t have had to worry about that.


IT’S interesting that Wigan coach Shaun Wane has admitted fullback Sam Tomkins will not be spending his entire career with the club.

Wane is already trialling other fullbacks in the pre-season, even though England’s best player will be at DW Stadium at least until the end of next year.

It’s hard to see Tomkins joining another Super League club. The leaves the NRL at rugby union.

Let’s hope it’s the NRL.


THANKS for all the comments last week. Long Xuyen wanted to bring replacements down to three with no-one who comes off being allowed back on the field. It sounds a bit radical but even the great Darren Lockyer believes we may one day have to have fewer than 13 players on the field.

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1 Comment

  1. Hi Steve, You may remember me when I was the NRL Ground Manager, in Melbourne, until I was flicked, without reason, at the start of the 2012 Season. As one who knows the in-depths of Rugby League, do you have an opinion on the NRL’s Policy of dismissal of Officials, who have given incredible service to the game, without reason.

    Obviously, I include the recent dismissal of Referees and, Touch Judges.

    In my case, I have given 42 years to the Game many for free, from my Days at Penrith Referees, where I am a Life Member and, now in Melbourne.

    I reached Level 5, as a Referee and, Touch Judge.

    At the moment, I am the Secretary of the VRL Referees and, a Board Member, of the VRL

    All voluntary.

    My dismissal was a very cold call, from McGuirk, simply saying they were changing direction, and I would not be appointed, as Ground Manager, for 2012. No mention of specific reasons. My replacement came from Touch Football, with NO knowledge of the NRL Game and, system.

    This was a huge whack in the face, for me.

    I think this discussion adds to the recent news of the dismissal of Referees from the NRL Ranks again, without reason.

    I believe my removal may have resulted from the Storm v Roosters, Match, at AAMI Park in 2011, where a Roosters Player was sent to the Sin Bin, for hitting the head of a Storm Player, who was replaced, with a Free Inter-change, much to the ire of the Roosters CEO, who went from his Bench to the Storm Bench, to abuse the Inter-change Offical.

    This whole scenario, including concern from the Inter-change Official, relating to this abuse, was included in my Match report.

    I am not sure if any Action was taken against the Offical. My undertanding, is that there was not or, certainly not advertised.

    This whole scenario, including concern from the Inter-change Official, relating to this abuse, was included in my Match report.

    He has not been contacted by the NRL, on this matter.

    I would suggest that, if it was Frank Ponissi, or any other Club Official, serious action would have been taken.

    I look forward to your thoughts.


    Bert Reedy

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