Like the way of the five metre gap in defence, reviewing the points from the NRL you may have missed from round two.
After some more shoulder charge action over the weekend it seems the forum of Twitter is once again providing players with Manly’s Jorge Taufua a platform to vent. During Monday night’s South Cronulla match Taufua offered the following (@yo_jorgetaufua Shot Merritt, that no shoulder charge is crap is just…. crap lol.) It is interesting to see payers lobby (if that’s indeed what they are doing) via the internet to get a rule changed. Hopefully players making such claims realise that’s what the Rugby League Players’ Association is for and once they are done making that phone call they can may like to contact any of the 4,000 ex-NFL players and their partners currently listed in the law suit against the NFL for lack of information and covering up life-changing brain injuries.
After this column’s pseudo-lobbying for Aaron Woods to start for the Tigers after week one in the competition he and fellow Tiger forwards will really need to step up in the absence of Keith Galloway. The Tigers have backs which can be marshalled to score big points but unless the defensive output/structure around Robbie Farah improves the Tigers may be losing games in which they score three or four tries which is a sure fire recipe for an early end-of-season trip. Twice late last year they scored over 20 points but still lost.
It was good to hear Andrew Voss back covering the NRL in a regular season format after a lose/lose scenario with Channel 9 finally came to an end. He does his research and is one of the most accurate broadcasters in the game. Whilst it’s not an ideal scenario that he has done a local broadcaster out of a gig with Sky Sport in New Zealand the NRL is the better for having him back as part of the group of lead TV commentators.
After lauding Manly’s week one defence, Five metre gap offers a tip of the hat this week to Brisbane hooker Andrew McCullough for his 50 tackles against the Dragons. The 23 year-old’s effort came in 66 minutes on the field. Not a bad effort for team that won.
After looking at the draw for Souths last week we reflect on the Raiders in this column. One has to feel for the Green Machine after the Dugan/Ferguson Roofgate drama of the week after a Sunday afternoon lose in Penrith. Canberra then had to back up a week later with another Sunday afternoon game on the Gold Coast. I understand Channel 9 don’t like the Raiders or Titans but surely day games in the first month of the competition shouldn’t occur in Queensland. At least for the next four weeks they have kickoffs after 6:30 ADST or later.


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