New Trainer Titans Up The Gold Coast

Gold Coast - Dan FerrisBy STEVE MASCORD

GOLD Coast stars have credited new head trainer Dan Ferris for their blazing start to the season.

The Titans have already gone some way towards burying the memory of last year’s disappointments with a 2-1 opening to 2013, with the prized scalp of Manly their latest.

“We had a new trainer, Dan Ferris, and it was a lot different to what we had over the last few years,” said winger Kevin Gordon.

“A lot of the boys had fun … it was a good pre-season. I think that’s what helped us. Everyone’s feeling fit and strong.

“Obviously it’s paid off.

“Most of us had our own training – like wingers had their training, forwards, they’d be different. It was more specific training. It helped us in our area of expertise.

“It’s paying dividends now. The pre-season’s been good. He’s done good, Dan Ferris

“Me personally, because I got an arthroscope back in October, I feel a lot better because it’s been cleaned up and  I’m able to do leg weights now. I feel, personally, stronger, quicker.”

Meanwhile, the Titans other winger David Mead has shrugged off compliments for his quick thinking in rendering dead a Daly Cherry-Evans dropout in the 76th minute on Saturday, giving team-mate Aiden Sezer a penalty goal in front to win the game.

“I saw it was going to go out so I tried to put a foot out and luckily it went out,” the PNG international said. “I’m glad that happened and we got two points.

“That’s the first time (I’ve done that).

“It’s more instinct. Every player knows. The sideline’s there, you’ve got one foot out and you touch the ball or catch it, it’s a penalty so I think anyone would have done that.”


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