Was Bryan Norrie Coached To Hold Sam Thaiday In That Scrum?

Melbourne - Bryan NorrieBy STEVE MASCORD

WAS Bryan Norrie coached to hold Sam Thaiday inside the scrum when Billy Slater scored a crucial try last Friday? The big Melbourne prop isn’t saying.

“Haha – I can’t really say much, just that Billy’s too quick, I think!” Norrie tells RLW when asked about the first half incident in the Storm’s 32-26 win over Brisbane on Friday night.

“Nah, ahh….Bill was really quick on the inside and we ended up getting a try out of it.”

Referees coach Daniel Anderson described the incident as “a well-constructed sting by the Melbourne Storm”.

“I didn’t like it, personally, because very few players run through openings untouched in the NRL,” Anderson told the ABC.

“Off the scrum, I just thought ‘what happened there? Something happened there’.

“Bryan Norrie did a good job. He kept his head in the scrum, he pretended or he didn’t hear the ‘out’ call.”

Thaiday says Slater ran through a gap that he would have been defending had he not been held in the scrum by Norrie. He was photographed grabbing the shirt of referee Adam Devcich to demonstrate what Norrie had done.

“That’s whereI’d be, that’s where I’d be chasing,” he said. “Being held back and stopped from doing my job is pretty tough
“To see the green light come around on the big screen is pretty disappointing as well.”


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