Fonua Calls For Better Security

Melbourne - Mahe FonuaBy STEVE MASCORD

MELBOURNE Storm winger Mahe Fonua has called for better security at future Pacific Tests in Sydney after Tonga were unable to convert his second try on Saturday night due to a pitch invasion.

Fonua, the first Victorian junior to represent was a star of Tonga’s 36-4 win over Samoa at Centrebet Stadium but the match was abandoned with 45 seconds left when around 1000 fans ran onto the field.

But the time they were cleared by public address announcements, the match officials had been escorted off and no conversion was taken.

“I knew something like that would happen – that’s what happens when you get two countries with that history,” Fonua tells The Age.

“I thought they’d try and be a tad civil. I’m not a police officer but they could have had a guard at every gatepost, you know?

“Prevention’s always better than a cure.”

Melbourne’s Ryan Hoffman was a strong performer for City Origin yesterday, winning a man of the match award, although the team he captained fell six points short of victory at 18-12 in Coffs Harbour.

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  1. The exact same thing happened at Samoa v Tonga at Penrith in 2008, albeit after the siren had sounded. Why would they expect anything different?

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