Vatuvei Almost Pulled Out Of Warriors’ Last Game

Warriors - Manu vatuveiBy STEVE MASCORD

MANU Vatuvei has spoken of how close he came to pulling out of Saturday night’s clash with Canberra, saying he ignored a knee injury to take the field because of the Warriors terrible injury toll.

And it’s just as well ‘The Beast’ did play as he scored two tries to give the Aucklanders a 16-4 lead before the Raiders fought back to score a late victory.

“I had a few knee injuries – my knees started playing up,” says Vatuvei.

“I was close to pulling out but with those injuries that were there I just had to run with it. After I warmed up, it was sweet.”

The warm-up was less kind to utility Pita Godinet, who withdrew at 7.27pm – eight minutes before kick-off – after aggravating a back injury.

Vatuvei played down his effort in scoring a double despite injury. “I was pretty lucky, I didn’t have to do much in scoring those tries,” he said.

“They just got the overlap for me and I just ran and put it down.”

Warriors coach Matthew Elliott was scathing in his assessment of how his men threw away Saturday night’s game. He describe two passing movements late in the game as “rubbish”.

“Individual errors and decision making at the back end of the game cost us the two points,” he said.

“The word spewing comes to mind. We have five individual errors in the second half that were completely down to the individual and two shift plays that were just rubbish, really.”


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