How Australia Turned The Anzac Test

Cooper Cronk/wikipedia

Cooper Cronk/wikipedia


COOPER Cronk has revealed the tactical change that turned a 6-6 halftime deadlock into a handsome 20-point Australian ANZAC Test victory.

“We definitely readjusted our gameplan in that second half,” the Australia halfback tells League Week.

“The conditions play a part in terms of New Zealand playing field position and (being) camped on our line. We threw a few long passes in that first half which allowed the New Zealand rushing defence to shut us down.

“We shortened things up (in the second half), played down the middle third of the field and obviously used the wind behind us.”

Prop James Tamou says winning back the World Cup was not mentioned once by coach Tim Sheens or his players in the lead-up to the 32-12 victory at Canberra Stadium.

“Obviously, Sheensy wants to keep this team together, depending on form and injuries,” says North Queensland’s Tamou.

“We want to keep this team close-knit.

“It wasn’t really mentioned this whole week, how New Zealand hold the World Cup. I think, later on, it will be more mentioned and the hype will be huge.

“We just wanted to play this game first.”


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