McManus Will Finally Play For Scotland

Newcastle - James McManusBy STEVE MASCORD

IT’s taken a while, but the NRL’s favourite Scotsman is about to play for his homeland.

Newcastle and Country Origin winger James McManus says he plans to change his country of election after the State of Origin series so he can turn out for the Bravehearts in the World Cup.

“I’d love to play for Scotland in the World Cup, I’ve been in touch with them,” said McManus, who moved from Banff to Katherine in the Northern Territory while in primary school.

“It would be a great experience going over. I’ve got loads of family over there I’d love to catch up with.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been over there but it’s still home, it’s still where I’m from. The last World Cup, I needed groin surgery. I was locked into the surgery, my season was over.”

McManus scored the winning try in Sunday’s 18-12 win over City but is unsure of his chances of adding to one NSW cap in 2009.

“I guess it’s competition, how well you play and really what the coach is looking for,” he said.

“What Trent Barrett wants in this team might be different to what Laurie Daley wants in the State of Origin team.

“Baz gave me a job to do … and if Laurie sees that that’s what he wants, I’ll be grateful to be picked. If not, I’ll be a better player at club level for the experience.”



  1. So, if players can correct past mistakes & actually play for the country/region that they are eligible for, how long until the Inglis announcement?

  2. Scotland’s gain. But given Palmerston is his listed junior club, shouldn’t he be eligible for representing the NT rather than NSW?

    • You can play for the country you were born in, the country your parents were born in, or the country any grandparent was born in – or where you have lived for three years or more. The RLIF does not recognise Australian state qualification guidelines

      • “The RLIF does not recognise Australian state qualification guidelines”…
        Neither do Queensland

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