Flying Rabbits

media - Ray WarrenYOU know you’re rugby league royalty when they delay the kick-off of an NRL game until you get there.
With Sydney enveloped in fog on Sunday morning, delayed flights meant Channel Nine commentators Ray Warren and Phil Gould were cutting it extremely fine to get to the Gold Coast-St George Illawarra match in time for the 3.05pm kick-off.
“I got a call from Matt Callender at Channel Nine saying they were running late and he asked if we could help get them from the airport to the stadium as quickly as possible,” said Titans manager of operations, marketing and media Ian Buchanan.
“We have an ex-sponsor who is still a big supporter of the club who owns choppers.
“Normally, they would have had to go through the terminal at Coolangatta Airport and then go through security to get on the chopper but we were able to organise it so they walked off the plane and got straight to the helicopter.
“Yes, a bit like rock stars.”
The commentators then flew to a field adjoining the Robina Stadium, their travel time cut down from 20 minutes to about five. Kick-off was put back from 3.05pm to 3.14.
Dragons captain Ben Creagh said the change in schedule was absolutely no inconvenience to the players. Warren joked that they had time to do a shark patrol en route and thanked the company responsible, ABC Helicopters, on air.



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