FAR & WIDE: Number 24

ST George Illawarra’s Tyson Frizell is in for a heart-wrenching World Cup warm-up game with his Welsh side set to meet Tonga, for whom he is also eligible.
Far & Wide has been told the Charlie Tonga’s side is negotiating for a game in the principality the weekend before the World Cup kicks off on October 26.
Frizell previously toured the UK as a member of the 2009 Australian Schoolboys rugby union side. He joined the Dragons this year from St George Illawarra.
OK, I know this is confusing but the American team taking on Samoa in Hawaii next month – on a date to be announced – now will be officially the national side.
But it will include only residents, as will the opposition. Officially, they the AMNRL is making it part of their World Cup build-up. A Test series against Canada will follow.
GREAT to see rugby league stories popping up in the press in countries where we don’t normally see it.
The National in Dubai recently reported on the first day of domestic league fixtures at the start of the month. Reporter Paul Radley gushed about a delight. “Sausages on the barbecue, Kid Rock and Grandmaster Flash on the airways, free stash for each of the four participating teams, including dapper, specially designed playing shirts.”
The Whistler, Canada, the local paper “The Question” told readers about an upcoming Nines tournament. “Another rugby league first is hitting the Sea to Sky corridor, and it’s drawing teams from around B.C. as well as rugby hotbeds around the world,” said writer Eric McKenzie.
There’ve been plenty of false dawns but really good things seem to be happening right now.


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