Ryan Undecided On Joining Storm Consortium

Melbourne Gerry RyanBy STEVE MASCORD

GREENedge Cycling boss and Melbourne businessman Gerry Ryan says he will decide early next month whether to join the new consortium that has taken control of the Melbourne Storm.

European based New Zealanders Bart Campbell and Michael Watt and Melbourne millionaire Matthew Tripp have been identified as members of Holding MS, the company that assumed control of the world champions from News Limited on Tuesday.

Ryan has also been mentioned in dispatches but told Fairfax Media he was yet to commit to the group.

“I think we’re all going to meet on the four or the third of June, when we’re going to discuss the final rollout of the new structure,” Ryan said.

“We’ll have some dialogue then and I’ll decide what I’m going to do.

“I don’t have time to be the owner or major shareholder. But I have said before I think the club can work.”

Ryan said it was his understanding that three individuals were already committed to the project and five more had been asked to take part.

Asked if he was being asked to make a big financial commitment to the Storm, Ryan said: “No.

“I think there are some board positions, that they’re looking for some share holders.

“But it’s more giving them some time, networking and introducing people.”

Ryan said he had met London based Campbell once, six months ago through a mutual friend, and had spent some time with Watt at a creative workshop associated with his Creative Technology Company operation, which made the props of the King Kong stage show.

Watt, who is based in Ireland and sells sports TV rights, also produces Broadway musicals.

Ryan said he was impressed with new CEO Mark Evans and that the new owners would “bring value to the club” but believed it would “take a few years to turn the club around”.

In onfield news, coach Craig Bellamy said he always believed James Maloney who lines up for Sydney Roosters against him on Saturday would be a first grader and added the ex Stormer would not be out of place in the NSW Origin side.

Maloney left the Storm for the Warriors in 2009 after playing four first grade games.

“I used to play against his old man, I played in a rep side with him once,” said Bellamy. “He was a tough unit, his old man.

“James is of the same ilk. He’s a tough, gritty player , he’s probably made for Origin.

“I don’t really think about, when they leave here, what level they’re going to get to.

“I knew he was a first grade player, without a doubt. He’s done tremendously well. He’s had a real good career over there at the Warriors.

“If he does get that (blue) jumper, it’s going to be an enormous credit to him. He hasn’t had the easiest start to his career. He played lots of reserve grade at Parramatta and had a year with us here.

“But he’s worked really hard and it will be a reall pride thing for him and his family, if he gets that blue jumper.”

Bellamy said a “sloppy start” in the Monday Night Football draw with Manly was “a worry”.

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