The Prowler Drops By

Nate Myles/wikipedia

Nate Myles/wikipedia

THE prowler tackle made a comeback at the weekend, according to Gold Coast captain Nate Myles
The Queensland prop could be heard making a complaint to referees Gavin Reynolds and Matt Cecchin about the practice of diving at the knees of players already held in tackles during the big win over Parramatta at Mudgee.
And in the second half, Titans prop Ryan James was forced off by a prowler which did attract a penalty. James looked concerned about his right knee as he left the field and was taken straight to the sheds by medicos before later being \ cleared to return.
“I don’t think, at all, that it’s a tactic that Parramatta use,” Myles tells Rugby League Week.
“There were just a couple of instances in the game that I was questioning the refs about. As a captain, I think I should be able to ask about it.”
Myles said he did not have undue concerns about the practice becoming widespread in the game.
“A few of the boys (were concerned),” he said.
“In all fairness, Tim Mannah said to me that there were a few that we did as well. I just don’t want to see anyone get in a touchy situation like that. I thought we’d got past that.
“It happened on both sides. We were probably a bit guilty as well.
“I don’t think it’s creeping back in at all. I just thought (on Sunday) there were a couple of occasions.”


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