Salford Reds Assure Parramatta They’re Not Trying To Add Hock

Gareth Hock/wikipedia

Gareth Hock/wikipedia


MILLIONAIRE Salford Reds owner Marwan Koukash has written to Parramatta promising not to attempt to steal England star Gareth Hock from under their noses.

Rugby League Week last week reported how personal issues threatened to keep the 29-year-old back-rower in the UK – and how interest from the Reds would give him an out if he chose to do so.

But Hock is only on load to Widnes from Wigan, the Super League leaders hold his contract and don’t want him playing against them.

“Gareth is through the worst of it …it’s all looking good,” said Eels football manager Peter Nolan.

“There was never an offer from Salford. I got a nice email from their chairman. They understand he is contracted to us.”

Koukash told Nolan he had received a call about Hock. “He said he was interested in talking to him if he was available,” Nolan explained.

“Then he went on to say that no offer had ever been made, he understands he’s our player and if he became available in future, he would deal directly with us and no-one else.

“It was good to hear from him as it poured cold water on a lot of the rubbish coming from over there about Gareth.”

Parramatta’s other English signing, Lee Mossop, scored a try on Sunday in Wigan’s 68-10 win over Koukash’s men.


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