DISCORD 2013: Edition 24


SHOULD pre-meditation be taken into account when punishing incidents of foul play in rugby league?

Last night on The Back Page and NRL 360, Jarryd Hayne and Robbie Farah each seemed to confirm Paul Gallen had mentioned Nate Myles in the lead-up to Origin I in relation to perceived sleights against the Blues in the previous seven years.

The big defence against criticism of rugby league from outsiders since last Wednesday has been that it’s a physical game and at times, tempers are going to get frayed. That it’s unrealistic to expect this not to happen.

But that defence goes out the window if Gallen had already identified Myles as a likely “target” before the teams had even warmed up.

The whole issue of pre-meditation has been underplayed in the view of this column.

If we are going to take it into account, how do we do so? Where there is evidence of pre-meditation, do we send it straight to the judiciary without a grading? Let us know what you think.


STILL on the mid-week TV shows – and I throw in Sterlo, The Game Plan and The Footy Show here – there is “gold” just about every week on them.

In the old days, if there was something good on the evening news, we could just ring up a player and get their reaction. But clubs frown on that these days so having a bunch of stars sitting around digesting the news is priceless and gives these shows a big advantage over newspapers.

Yes, these shows pay appearance fees. But there is no point whinging about it. The fee is for taking the time to travel into the studio, at times from interstate.

The things is, with tighter deadlines in newsrooms as a result of cost-cutting, the TV shows are often on too late to make the next day’s paper anyway!


THE news that a Major League Baseball game is coming the SCG next year should be a reminder to us all that the world is shrinking and if we don’t get on board the globalisation train, we’ll be left behind.

Ten years ago, could you imagine that the breakfast and drive radio programmes you listen to would be national, with traffic news from five cities relayed at once?

Television will go the same way. Already, language is becoming homogenised. When your correspondent first went to the US 23 years ago, there were a dozen expressions I used from home that had locals scratching their heads. Now there are none.

Quaint local sports will also get marginalised by global media. Russell Crowe aside, Letterman and Conan don’t talk about rugby league much. Sponsors will prefer to back sports with a presence in global media, leaving local sports with the scraps.

We have to embark on a program of exhibition games overseas, not in the cause of expansion but of survival.


ANTHONY Minichiello last played for NSW in 2011. That year, he represented Italy in the World Cup qualifiers – without changing his country of election.

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