FAR & WIDE: Number 34


THE Polish rugby league have gone the route of rock bands and artists by employing crowdfunding.

The game is a couple of years old in Poland, after a 20-year-old student saw some NRL footage on YouTube and decided he’d take it upon himself to start a local league.

His name is Lukasz Lukca and he’s started a club, hosted an incoming tour from the UK and applied to the government for official recognition.

But there’s still only one club. To play one away fixture in a neighbouring country and host one home game will cost just $2000 and the league has started a crowdfunding page to raise the money.

Go to crowdfunder.co.uk and search for polandrl. If you don’t know how crowd funding works, basically you pledge to help a certain cause if it reaches its target.

If the pledges fall short, you pay nothing. A great cause and a great outcome for not a lot of money.


WE’VE had a couple of European Bowl matches since our last column.

In Kharkov, the Ukraine had a big 42-14 win over Norway, Winger Oleksandr Korobov scored four of his side’s nine tries in seering heat. The Ukrainians were pre-tournament favourites.

“We know we have to beat the Czechs in September if we are to be promoted to the European Shield in 2014,” said UFRL president Artur Martyrosyan.

In Oslo, Norway then went onto beat the Czech Republic 26-14 in something of an upset. Isaac Schmidt was the star. The Czechs now have to beat the Ukraine by 20 in late September retain their crown.


GERMAN rugby league founder Simon Cooper is currently touring Australia with his wife and will be a spectator at 1300smiles Stadium on Friday for the North Queensland-Brisbane derby.

There was a time when Simon wanted to recruit Paul Gallen to the cause, perhaps because of his jawline.

But Far & Wide hears there might be some divisions in the German scene with Simon keen on nines when a full team can’t be assembled and the RLEF focusing on 13-a-side.

It would be sad to see a pioneer like Simon lost to the game and we hope the differences can be sorted out.


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