FAR & WIDE: Number 35


THE Nordic Cup, favourite competition of the Sydney radio satirists at Fire Up, is underway for another year.
And there was a big upset is Oslo when Sweden beat Norway 40-22, after racing to an early 20-0 lead. Hooker Fabian Wikander posted two tries and six goals for a big points haul.
The Swedes now have the chance to seal the cup by winning in Kävlinge this weekend. The third game will take place a fortnight later.
ANOTHER big success for the Canada Rugby League a week and a half ago with 5788 fans seeing the Wolverines defeat Jamaica 38-14.
The attendance follows a 7000-plus roll-up for the first of three Colonial Cup derbies against the United States.
Canada fullback Robin Legault posted his 11th try from as many appearances, while Sheffield Eagles’ Corey Hanson flew in to represent the Reggae Warriors and also got a share of the bounty.
THE driving force behind Grand Prix Sports buying the AMNRL was a businessman from Fresno called William Tatham Jr.
But it’s a partnership that has not gone well with very few of the promised benefits coming to pass while the company continues to be closely related to rugby union.
When this was pointed out on a blog called 80thminute.com recently, Tatham himself made some comments at the bottom of the story.
He wrote: “Those who said I was insane to try to build professional rugby in the U.S., and do via the existing rugby infrastructure.

“Except for the strong leadership and foresight shown by USA Rugby CEO Nigel Melville, and his capable team at USAR….

“My God were they were right.

“Regardless, I remain committed and after seven years and seven million fighting the fight, and re armed with Exclusive Sanction rights to the professional, and the new Olympic sport, of rugby sevens, through 2018 and beyond…. trust me…”

That’s right, the man who owns our sport in the US doesn’t seem to differentiate between it and rugby union! The blog is taking question suggestions for an upcoming interview with Tatham. Go there to contribute.


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