FAR & WIDE: Number 36

IT was a bad look for the game at the weekend with the European Shield decided by a cancellation.
German players were unable to get to Russia for the game which would have decided the 2012-13 title due to visa hassles.
The Rugby League European Federation claimed this was down to the German players not applying for their visas in time.
But one of the players, Markus Keinhorst, said on Facebook: What a load of rubbish. This report and account of the situation is a joke.
“The visas were issued late and to only two of the requested embassy locations meaning players simply had no time to collect them.”
The schmozle could lead to an open split in the game in Germany. Also on Facebook, German league founder Simon Cooper said: Certain people Rugby League Deutschland and the RLEF should be ashamed of themselves after Germany forfeiting the game against Russia.
“The players have always stepped up and often payed their way. I warned you that playing against Russia was too much for Germany and what you wanted to do.
“It hurts me to see the way things are. Maybe it’s time to set up a rival federation (and) concentrate on building domestic games and helping grow the game properly and not have people involved who don’t care about people or the development of the game.”
A COMBINED South American team, to be called the Latin Heat, will compete in an upcoming Nines tournament in Australia.
Rugby League Week’s own Robert Burgin is involved in starting the game in Brazil and the NRL has helped him identify 150 players with South American heritage.
More details as they come to hand.
GREAT news in America where the warring AMNRL and USARL are to join forces for the first time.
On August 24 at AA Garthwaite Stadium in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, the USARL grand final will be played as part of a double-header with the US v Canada international.
The US team, at this stage, includes only players aligned with the “establishment” AMNRL. It’s to be hoped this thawing of relations will lead to a ‘united’ United States team competing in the World Cup.



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  1. Hi Steve
    I thought you might like to know Robert spells his name Burgin not Bergin.

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