Joel Thompson: Roosters Fans Put Me Off

Canberra - Joel ThompsonBy STEVE MASCORD

CANBERRA star Joel Thompson believes a Sydney Roosters fans may be responsible for the Mia Culpa that prevented the Raiders from sending Saturday night’s clash into overtime.

With a couple of minutes left and the tricolours up by six points, the Green Machine had one last chance to attack after being awarded a line dropout.

But when the ball went through the arms of Thompson and hit the turf, he froze as if knocking on. While referees boss Daniel Anderson thought it was a knock-on, his officials didn’t and only awarded the Roosters a match-sealing scrum feed when Thompson gave himself up.

“I don’t know what happened – I didn’t think it was a knock-on but they were singing out ‘knock on’,” Thompson tells RLW.

“I probably heard the fans, it probably got into my head.

“I thought it should have been play-on but there were other things that added up…..” Thompson’s voice then trailed away before he added: “It was heart breaking.

“I turned and it went through … yeah, I don’t know. Sorry.”

Nonetheless it was a resounding return to form for the Raiders after a 68-4 flogging by Melbourne the previous week, with reinstated Origin star Blake Ferguson a standout.

“The attitude was there with the team,” said Thompson.

“Not getting to our points and playing to our shape cost us in the end. They got a few quick tries there from dropped ball …

“It’s been tough. It was embarrassing (against Melbourne). We made sure we worked hard at training and as a team, we just got in there and dug deep and to come here and get beaten by six points by the top of the table team … it’s heart breaking but we have to bounce back and make sure we put the effort in there.

“It’s not all over. We’ve got two home games coming up. We’ve got to make sure the attitude is there and we play to our best.”



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