SKD: I Needed Injections To Play For More Than A Month

Sydney Roosters - Shaun Kenny-DowallBy STEVE MASCORD

SYDNEY Roosters star Shaun Kenny-Dowall has revealed he needed pain killing injections in a rib cartilage injury for a month earlier this season – at a time his form was under question and a mid-season transfer to a rival club was mooted.

The New Zealand centre or winger has returned to his best in recent weeks for the competition leaders, and is regarded as a near certainty to play a major role in the Kiwis’ World Cup defence.

“It’s never an easy thing to do but if you have the right mentality, you can do anything,” Kenny-Dowall says in this week’s A-List feature.

“I didn’t want to not be a part of it. That was much worse than being injured. I got needled up for a few weeks. It was about four or five weeks. That’s always tough but, like I said, it was something special and I didn’t want to not be part of it.”

The 25-year-old said biting his lip in the face of uninformed criticism over his form was “character building”.

“You learn to deal with it and you learn to get over it,” he said. “That’s part of our game.

“We’re in the spotlight and I found I was strong enough to put it aside and concentrate on my job, which is footy.”

Kenny-Dowall also discusses the transfer rumour, his Kiwi ambitions and preferred position in our feature.



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