Wane: I Want NRL Job

WIGAN coach Shaun Wane wants a head coaching position in the NRL and believes a win over Sydney Roosters this Saturday can help him get one.
Wane was linked to the New Zealand Warriors last year before extending at DW Stadium and tells Rugby League Week he remains open to offers – but not for an assistant’s post.
“I want to come here, I want to come to the NRL, absolutely, 100 per cent,”says Wane.
“It’s a great competition, it’s high level and the way the game is thought of .. .it’s the biggest game in Sydney and in Brisbane and it’s kicking off over here (in New Zealand) as well.
“I find it really exciting. It’s a real good challenge and I know I could improve a team. I’ve got no question on my own ability on that and hopefully one day I’ll get a chance to do it.
Wane says a win on Saturday at Allianz Stadium “won’t do me any harm.
“But I’m really passionate about the fact no-one has given us a chance and I want to show people we can play and we can defend.
“And I want prove a few people wrong because I know what our players are capable of. That’s the main thing for me.”
Sydney Roosters Trent Robinson and Wests Tigers Michael Potter recently used Super League as a stepping stone to NRL positions while England coach Steve McNamara this year joins Robinson’s staff and is helping plot Wigan’s downfall on Saturday at Allianz Stadium.
Asked if he would come to the NRL as an assistant, Wane answers: “No.”
Wane insists, however, that he was never a chance of joining Matthew Elliott’s backroom staff in 2014.
“I weren’t talking to them,” he said. “I can only assume it was my friendship with Dean (Bell that led to the speculation). There was nothing in it.”


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