Eden Park ‘Just Another Stadium’, Says Leuluai

Leuluai, ThomasBy STEVE MASCORD
THEY now have the sacking of a coach to deal with as well as their winless record at Eden Park – but the Warriors insist the second of these issues is not really an issue at all.

“I’ve played there a couple of times and I don’t think it’s any different,” halfback Thomas Leuluai tells League Week ahead of Sunday’s game against Canterbury at the rugby union citadel.

“It’s something you guys like to talk about a bit too much, I reckon. It’s just a football field but it’s just something we haven’t really done yet. Last time we played there, there was a tornado so there were about six people in the stands so it wasn’t too good then!

“But other times, there’s been good support.

“We need a response. Our errors need to be knocked on the head straight away and we need the same sort of effort.

“Some guys, they really busted their backsides for the team (on Saturday). When you’re making less than 50 per cent completion rate, it’s just too hard.”

Speaking before Matthew Elliott’s departure, Leuluai said of the season: “It’s been a slow start. I thought we were better than we showed in the last two weeks. You’ve got to do it on the weekend and we were poor there.

“We had a couple of good results and got our confidence back. (Against the Sharks) I couldn’t question to effort but I suppose it’s fundamental errors. You can’t make those kind of errors in this competition.”

Departed coach Elliott claimed the only problem in Saturday’s 37-6 loss to Cronulla was mistakes – and Leuluai insists he was right.

“We had to stop making errors and try to get into the grind but we couldn’t stop making errors,” he said.

“We made basic, fundamental errors which aren’t good enough.”


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