Inglis: ‘Anyone Could Have Scored That Try’


GREG Inglis last night claimed anyone could have scored his amazing first half try against Brisbane.

While the thrilling ANZAC Day win by South Sydney finished amid controversy, Inglis’ effort in beating seven defenders on a diagonal run from his own 10-metre line will be remembered long after contentious refereeing calls are forgotten.

“I think anyone can score one of them,” the 28-year-old said late on Friday as he left Suncorp Stadium.

“You’ve got Benny Barba that can do it, you’ve got Benny Barba who’s another freak. You see a try like that from (Michael) Jennings over the years at Penrith.

“You just see all these naturally gifted players. It’s a bit unfortunate in our game that you don’t see enough of it..”

The try puts pressure on Australian and Queensland selectors to consider Inglis as a fullback ahead of Melbourne’s Billy Slater but that’s another issue the 2009 Golden Boot winner was keen to play down.

“We’ve got a great fullback there in Billy (Slater) and I’ve always said when it comes to rep footy, I’ll be happy to play anywhere,” he said.

“Representative footy is one of the highs of your career , aside from the ultimate winning a grand final with your mates.

“In the end … going back to centre, I do like the contact and I do like just a little more in your face.”

Inglis said he did not read stories pushing for him to be fullback for Queensland and Australia. “I just aspire to be in the … side,” he said.

“In the end, I’ll go back to the team effort and what suits the team.”

Recalling his try, which started with him fielding a Ben Barba chip kick, Inglis said: “I just put my head down and did my best and it paid off in the end.

“I was actually looking for the other winger, AJ (Alex Johnston). He’s quite fast, white Nippy. In the end, it was just one of those things, one of those lucky events that happened on the night.

“(You’re thinking) ‘I hope I get there, I hope I don’t get a cramp or something’.

“You just put your head down and run as fast as you can and that’s what I did.

“I was satisfied that I’ve still got it in my legs and I can get there in the end. In the end, I was just so happy to finally get there.”


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  1. There is no doubting how incredible Inglis’ try was against the Broncos, however in your Set of Six article in the Sydney Morning Herald this week, you said you havent been able to compare the try to another scored, based off players beaten. Well in the try scored by Jarryd Hayne in the 2009 semi-final against the Dragons, he beat 6 players, the same number of players Inglis beat to get to the line. Although Inglis try was near length-of-the-field, Hayne’s try was not against a staggered defensive line. He had to create the space himself (against the best defensive team in the NRL at the time), which he did breath-takingly. Cheers.

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