McQueen: We’ll Benefit From Early Losses

South Sydney - Chris McQueenBy STEVE MASCORD
SOUTH Sydney star Chris McQueen says the Rabbitohs will benefit from their slow start to the season.
The bunnies have been a benchmark for a couple of seasons now before faltering in the finals but 2014 has been more problematic, with five wins and four losses leaving them in fifth position after nine rounds.
“We had those early losses and I think that’s going to be a good thing for us,” said Queensland Origin hopeful McQueen.
“Last year, we came out and won eight of our first 10 or something like that. This year, losing those games early on has made us realise and understand what we need to do to be at the top.
“I think that’s going to work out to be good thing … in comparison to last year, we are better off even though our record’s not as good as it was last year.”
McQueen reckons there are still chinks in the Bunnies’ armour, despite a 40-18 win over Gold Coast on Saturday.
“We went through a pretty bad run earlier in the season. We just trained hard, that was the only thing that was going to get us back to some form we’re starting to find it.
“The boys are full of energy and just want to get out there and play well. We’ve had that the last couple of weeks but we’ve had those periods just before halftime when we’ve sort of lost that momentum a bit.
“Our starts have been great but we need to keep that throughout the whole first half and the whole game.”


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