Decision Not To Join Cronulla Pays Off For Tom


JUST a few hours before the club he was to join was left holding a likely wooden spoon, Tom Briscoe scored a try before 77,000 people at Wembley on the way to a Challenge Cup winners’ medal.

“I think that’s justified me staying in the Super League and choosing the Leeds Rhinos,” said Briscoe, who was widely reported to have agreed to a contract with Cronulla this season.

“It were pretty close but when I got the offer from Leeds, it just made sense for me to go and were one I couldn’t refuse.”

Briscoe lost the previous year’s final while playing at Hull in what was to be his last season before heading to the NRL. Leeds lost six consecutive Challenge Cup finals but Briscoe won in his first at the club.

“It’s pretty incredible, in my first year at the club, to be part of a team that’s had such a struggle in this competition,” he said.

“It’s great to be involved in this group of players who have finally got that monkey off our backs.

”It meant so much to so many people at this club who’ve only got so long left in the game. To finally get that trophy, one that’s eluded the club for so many years, is great to be a part of.”

Leeds other winger, Ryan Hall, won the Lance Todd Trophy with two tries – including one where he treated hapless defenders like flies on a speeding car windscreen.

“I think he’s the only man who could have scored that – from 10 metres out with about three players on his back,” said Briscoe.


“A very deserved man of the match there.”

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