Matt Scott: We Left Our Persecution Complex In Gosford

Matt Scott

Matt Scott


NORTH Queensland co-captain Matt Scott has revealed the moment the switch flicked for the Cowboys this season – when the premiership hopefuls stopped blaming everyone else for their misfortune,
After winning the inaugural Auckland Nines, Paul Green’s side coughed and spluttered its way through the opening weeks of the new season, winning two out of their first seven matches
But despite the raft of changes coach Green has made at the club, it was a meeting of senior players following a 26-21 defeat to Manly In Gosford that Scott credits for refloating a fast-sinking ship,
“The Manly loss in Gosford earlier in the year was a bit of a wake up call for us,” the Australia Test star tells RLW.
“It was just about not making excuses, we obviously had a bad call go against us but when we looked back on the video, we saw how many moments we had in that game to win.
“Ultimately, it was up to us if we won or lost – not any one decision.
“It was players – player driven. We knew what we’d done wrong and how we had to improve to handle those situations,
“There’ve been a. number of moments during the season. It’s just about taking the game into our hands, it’s how we perform.
“We’ve got to be strong mentally.”
Scott said there was a link with leaving behind the club’s controversial exits from the last two finals series,
“Obviously, you talk about those finals losses, Manly and Sharks, there was a lot of talk about those decisions,” he said,
“But it’s like the Manly game this year – the game was in our hands, it was very winnable regardless of any refereeing decisions,
“We’ve got to take those decisions out of it and rake control of games.”
Scott has no firm view on how many shots at a title the Cowboys will get.
“I don’t even know what a premiership window is,” he says,
“We’ve got a pretty good squad, we’ve done pretty well this year but we definitely feel we’ve got a fair bit of footy left in us,”
He says allowing Brisbane to score 14 unanswered points on Saturday night was “a reminder that we’re going to have to be better than that to beat the Roosters.
“As far as being on the harder side of the draw? We would have had to play them eventually.”


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