FAR & WIDE: Greece, Germany, Belgium, United States


THINGS are getting nasty in Greece, with people threatened with arrest if they align with the former administration of rugby league there.
The Rugby League European Federation has recently ejected Greece as a full member due to dissatisfaction with the administration and set up its own league. The sport is aligned with, strangely enough, modern pentathlon from a government recognition perspective.
All clubs have been instructed to align with the new body.
Failure to do so isn’t just unrecognised by the RLEF – it’s unrecognised by Greek law.
GERMANY and Belgium are about to embark on a tri-series with the Netherlands.
The series kicked off at the weekend in Dortmund, with the majority of the German side made up of players from Munster. Johnathan Boullon is Belgium’s captain.
Brexit hasn’t hurt rugby league’s ability to do great stuff with European funding, with a recent training camp for coaches held in the Czech Republic.
Meanwhile, rugby league has kicked off in Turkey with a coaching course for about 20 people leading to mens and women’s comps being instituted.
There will be 10 male and three female teams in a competition to kick off soon.
SINCE our last column, the United States has entered a bid to host the 2021 World Cup.
The bid comes via an Australian sports promoter, Jason Moore, who said in a statement: “We are honoured and excited at the opportunity to showcase this sport to this nation – and the nation to this sport.
“Rugby league already has a strong following in several major US markets and, should the 2021 World Cup be staged in the United States, American sports fans new to rugby league and who have a hunger for gladiatorial-style sports are going to fall in love with this extraordinary game.” Moore wants to split the tournament between eight to 10 stadia and run a women’s tournament concurrently. He expects and answer from the RLIF in November. News of the bid was carried by the New York Times.

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