27-month ‘digital installation’ on Super League in Australia is launched

ON the 24th anniversary of the Federal Court giving Super League the green light to kick off in Australia, a book about rugby league’s most divisive and influential year has been launched.

Journalist Steve Mascord will release Two Tribes: The untold story of rugby league’s divided year and the birth of the NRL in mid-2021. 

On Sunday October 4 2020, he announced what was described as a “digital installation” at twotribes.substack.com which will run until December 19, 2022 – the day the National Rugby League was formed by a vote of ARL clubs at Moore Park.

The site will chart the entire period building up to, and immediately after, the only time in the sport’s history there were competing elite competitions – 1997 when The Australian Rugby League and Super League competed for attention in the Australasian market.

Original source material including clippings, videos, interviews and other archival content will be complemented by Mascord’s personal reflections of each event and detailed footnote resources.

However, the book and the Tribes Tribune will be completely separate with no duplication and no compromising of any exclusive material in Two Tribes.

A US$45 subscription entitles readers to a copy of Steve’s first book Touchstones in the mail immediately, one of the first editions off the presses of Two Tribes next year and 27 months of content at the Tribes Tribune.

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