WLF TV: The Union – Luke Morley and Pete Shoulder interview

JANE’S ADDICTION: Something’s Shocking (1989)

By STEVE MASCORD “Camera’s got them images, Camera’s got them all, Showed me everybody, naked and disfigured, Nothing’s Shocking.” – From “Ted, Just Admit It”, Jane’s Addiction PERRY Farrell may not be a weirdo. He may  not be a freak, a pseud, a genius, a madman or a lunatic. By his own admission, he may […]

LOUDMOUTH: January 2013

@Loudmouthcolumn DRUMMER Brian Tichy and guitarist Rob Caggiano have quit Whitesnake and Anthrax respectively on a seismic news day for hard rock and heavy metal. Tichy, who dislocated a shoulder in a mountain biking accident before New Years, wants to devote more time to his Something Unto Nothing (SUN) project with Sass Jordan – but […]

RATT: Detonating, Not Imploding (1990)

By STEVE MASCORD WARREN DeMartini is, to many, the most important rodent in Ratt. When vocalist Stephen Pearcy, bassist Juan Croucier, rhythm guitarist Robbin Crosby and drummer Bobby Blotzer are pictured at outrageous Hollywood parties in fashionable L.A. rock gear,  DeMartini is rarely in sight. No fluffed-up hair, usually pictured in a black t-shirt and old […]

ANGRY ANDERSON: No Hollywood “Weenie” (1990)

By STEVE MASCORD ANGRY Anderson is intently thumbing through an English heavy metal magazine. It’s the one which  described him, following the release of soppy 1988 Neighbours hit ballad “Suddenly“, as “mildly annoyed Anderson”. His suspicious eyes stop at a centrefold depicting Guns N’ Roses’ Slash, who is shirtless and has a smoke drooping decadently […]

LIVING COLOUR: Killing Elvis (1990)

By STEVE MASCORD ELVIS is dead. It’s official. The sightings may still be flooding in, but Living Colour have announced on their album, Time’s Up, that the King is, in fact, no longer walking among us. The song which breaks the news is called “Elvis Is Dead” (what else?), and goes something like this: “When the […]